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Merry Mabon ~ Harvest Celebration

Happy Autumnal Equinox Everyone! 

September 22nd marks the official Autumn Equinox and kick-off for the Mabon holiday! 

Harvest basket of vegatables

  Some of you may be celebrating your bountiful harvests and preparing for the upcoming full moons, as I am also. Mabon is always one of my favorite times of year, as it always has the best celebrations! This Mabon has felt a little different though and I have found myself wondering how others are choosing to get through it. 

 In these ~ strange ~ times I admit, I have struggled with not being able to participate in the normal gatherings that I would around this year. Which is weird because I totally consider myself an introvert. I went straight from my winter season to pandemic summer, on to lonely harvest and then preparing for the next cold winter... Combine the pandemic isolation and loneliness with a large dollop of empty nester syndrome, and I found myself wallowing in sadness during my normal favorite summer months.

I dwelled on my loneliness, knowing that this is part of my path, but not feeling ready to take it. I was not prepared for this mid-life crisis during a pandemic! I also knew that all this dwelling and sadness I was doing was having a huge effect on my manifesting ~ and I just couldn't have that. So last week I prepared for the new moon and started getting ready for the major changes that I can feel are coming.

Low and behold during the new moon, somewhere in the in-between of dreams, I gained a small glimpse at the ways that I can show my gratitude and celebrate my new found loneliness with much needed self serving satisfaction. I  have created some new rituals for myself this Mabon and through the upcoming winter cycle ~and I might just get through this midlife crisis with a little extra on the other side.  

How are you celebrating Mabon and the upcoming full moon? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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