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Hello World ~Happy New Moon

Lots of magical things are happening in September~ have you been preparing?

Whats Your New Moon Ritual?

Tonight is the new moon and we are preparing to give thanks and celebrate the harvest that has blessed us this year. We also have some new manifestations to set into action over the dark and cold winter months that are sneaking up upon us.

Prosperity manifestation kit with citrine gem

Need help pulling your manifestations in? Try our new Prosperity Ritual Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to enhance and draw in your manifestations.

~Raw citrine crystal
~Clear quartz point
~Fragrant thick sage smudge wand
~Aromatic Palo Santo stick
~Raw large selenite wand
~Moon + Jai matches 

New Moon Ritual For September

Its easy to make your own new moon ritual. For me, It starts with chopping wood for my wood-fired hot tub. I make a big fire a few hours before dark to have a hot tub of water ready when I start my ritual. At this time I always bring out all my intention and healing crystals and place them around my hot tub to enhance whatever I am celebrating and manifesting that night. I set out candles t enhance the mood and because its really dark on the new moon! By this time I am hungry and I prepare a beautiful and delicious meal for myself and husband. I sow all my love and intentions for this new moon into my cooking. After dinner I shower to get clean and clear my magical being. Then its time for my soak. I will bring out any oils and herbs I plan to use to use in the tub and start my ritual. I will say my thanks and be grateful for the all the season has blessed me with. I soak in the darkness and ponder my thoughts about what I would like to improve and make better over the next season. I let go of any challenges and clear myself for accepting all the gifts the universe bestows upon me. And that's it. That's my new moon ritual.

Leave me a comment about your new moon ritual below!

New Moons Are Also Good For Healing

healing ritual manifestation kit


If this new moon has you feeling in some kind of a way, it is pulling you towards the healing that this world needs right now. This ultimate healing ritual kit may be your vibe this time around. The kit includes the following essentials.

~Amethyst druzy
~Clear quartz point
~Fragrant thick sage smudge wand
~Aromatic Palo Santo stick
~Raw selenite wand
~Moon + Jai matches

Happy new moon all! May your manifestations all come quickly and easily to you!


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