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Screw Black Friday! Lets Celebrate My Birthday!

Who Can Relate To The Horrors Of Having A Holiday Birthday?

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Once every seven years my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. Without fail, everyone except my mother and my husband get consumed by the holiday and let my birthday go by unnoticed; every single year. After 40 birthdays this way, I have gotten used to it. Anyways, enjoy this list of reasons why its sucks to share your birthday with Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving brain makes everyone forget its also my birthday.
  • My birthday party theme is the same every year.
  • I know what I will be having for my birthday dinner every single year, and while turkey and all the fixings is my all time favorite meal...sometimes, I really want a birthday prime rib dinner, at a restaurant, where I don't have to clean anything up.


  • I always get pumpkin pie for my birthday cake when someone remembers last minute; and its not that I don't like pumpkin pie, because actually its my fave, it's that I only like my own pumpkin pie. Plus, have you seen how candles melt onto pie? That's why we put birthday candles on a birthday cake! ~And maybe I just want some frosted sugar bomb that I didn't make, once a freaking year.

There ya go. Rant over.

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