Covid Related Changes

Hi there everyone,

We are writing this with some sadness as we regret to inform our customers, that while we are still offering FREE SHIPPING, in some cases our shipping is being DELAYED UP TO TWO WEEKS. Unfortunately, we have lost some really great suppliers for the time being, as they have had to shut down their warehouse operations in order to keep their staff safe. We are actively staying in contact with them, and when they can open their warehouses again we will let you know.

Like I said, we still offer free shipping on all items in our store. We have also started donating directly to a Covid-19 relief fund which means that 5% of every purchase made through our store will go directly to the relief aid to help those affected by the pandemic. We will also adding a donate button to our checkout to send a direct donation to the relief fund, in addition to the 5% of your purchase.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support in this unfortunate situation. You, our loyal customers, are the reason we are able to survive, and we thank you!

With Love,

The Crystal Gems Staff